Franchise Opportunity

If you want a chance to run your own business, learn new skills, or simply want a change of career, an Angela’s Swim School franchise could be exactly the opportunity you’re looking for.

With our support, experience, and proven business model, you’ll be able to manage a team which will make an importance difference in the lives of young families and adults. You will not only be passing on an essential life-skill, but also bringing joy to the lives of people in your community as you build a profitable and rewarding business.

We take huge pride in what we do – helping other’s achieve their goals – and we want you to be a part of this. By combining your passion for swimming and teaching with our experience and expertise in marketing, our comprehensive training and support, and a market-leading brand, the Angela’s Swim School franchise offers you everything you need to succeed.

We are looking for hard-working and capable individuals just like you who are ready to be their own boss and be as proud as we are to sport the Angela’s Swim School logo. In return, we will be as committed to seeing you succeed as a franchisee as we are seeing our students succeed.

Thought about becoming an Area Developer?

If you recognise the huge potential of the Angela’s Swim School brand, why stop at just one franchise when you could run several, or even take on an entire region?

Operating our franchise as an Area Developer allows you to oversee a pre-defined region containing a number of schools and enjoy all the benefits of scale which come with it. Ideal for those who have the skill and ambition to develop multiple businesses, or even take Angela’s Swim School overseas into brand new territories.

We believe that our franchise has what it takes to succeed anywhere in the world, so are also more than happy to discuss Master Franchise arrangements to help you gain international success.

Are you ready to start on the road to business success?