What makes us unique

Teaching people to swim is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our swim schools can offer. We don’t just want our students to learn a skill, we want them to learn to LOVE swimming as much as we do! Everything about our classes and the way we run our business is built around just that.

Our teaching methods are all about engaging our students and encouraging them to take an active interest in learning what is an essential life skill. We are keen to set goals and have a clear structure, and also want children to clearly understand what they need to learn and why it’s important.

Lessons are enjoyable and highly engaging. Our high standards of teaching quality make us truly stand out to our customers, even helping those who have always struggled to be confident in water. As a business we believe there is a better way to help children understand the mechanics of how they swim. We have stepped away from current national swimming curriculums to establish our own learn-to-swim teaching syllabus and awards programme.

Meet the Swimstylers

Swimstylers is a unique and innovative teaching programme that engages children and motivates them to thoroughly enjoy the learn-to-swim process.

They are 6 inspirational child characters who accompany the children along their swimming journey from babies and beginners through to strong confident swimmers, able to swim 1500m. The characters have been especially created to appeal to children – as they demonstrate the skills and techniques the children learn in the pool each week. Plus, they help children better understand their own swimming progress, the levels they will work for and the skills they will develop. The hope is that children aspire to be like the characters and improve their swimming with style, confidence and technique as they progress through the character-based badge system.
The Swimstylers programme is unlike anything else offered by our competition. Small class sizes guarantee all children receive the level of attention they need to swim with the correct technique, learn valuable life skills to help them improve their physical and emotional well-being, and gain confidence in the water.

Of course, it’s not just us who think Angela’s Swim School is something truly special. Just read what some of our customers have to say:

“This swim school is incredible. We changed here after our daughter lost all confidence in her ability to swim at another swim school at which she had previously achieved distance badges. After only 3 lessons she is now swimming without armbands and comes out of the pool beaming!”

“Fantastic swim school, very professionally run, superb instructors that really encourage the children, my granddaughter loves it, the staff are very understanding and very flexible to meet every child’s needs, top marks from this nanny thank you”

“Lovely swim school, after my daughters first lesson she cannot wait to go again…. great teachers!! Worth every penny”