Why choose franchising?

If you’re new to franchising, you might be surprised to know just how successful it can be in helping you build your own business. With nearly 1,000 different franchises in the UK alone, employing more than 700,000 people, franchising is one of the most popular ways to make the challenging leap into self-employment.

So, what makes it such a successful way to start a new career?

Less risk than going it alone

Even with the most wonderful business idea in the world, and all the skills to make it work, going into business yourself can be very risky and there are a huge number of pitfalls along the road to success. Investing in a franchise greatly reduces this risk by allowing you to buy into a model that has already overcome many of the obstacles and challenges that new businesses face.

Being part of something bigger

Instead of facing all these challenges alone, you will also be part of a larger network and benefit from all the support and training that comes with it. Being able to share best practice and problem solving is hugely important – as is having that security of knowing that there is always someone there to help and support you.

A ready-made recipe for success

Angela’s Swim School already knows what works and what doesn’t. With more than 20 years in operation, we have perfected our system and services. We are confident that with a combination of your hard work and dedication, and our expertise, training and support, you too can create a career that you can be proud of.