Angela’s Swim School team member and former franchisee Janice Hutton has been celebrating success in her running, recently completing the London Marathon for the third time with a ‘Good for Age’ place. Janice attributes much of her love for a healthy lifestyle and having success in fitness and sport to swimming. Janice started swimming competitively when she was six years old and has continued to love swimming for fitness and pleasure ever since.

“My experience with swimming has changed through the years, from loving the competitive aspect of the sport to sharing my love and passion for swimming through coaching and owning franchises with Angela’s Swim School, to a great way to stay fit.

Swimming is part of my valuable ‘me’ time, where I can switch off and enjoy the peaceful feel of moving through the water. Swimming has always been brilliant for my fitness, and as I have progressed into running, swimming is a great way to cross train, keeping me injury free while still building my stamina and strength.”

Janice was a successful franchisee for a number of years with Angela’s Swim School in North West Kent and East Kent. She now runs a health and fitness business, Hutton Health and continues to be a member of the Angela’s Swim School team.