Sharing the advantages and benefits of learning to swim and helping others to thrive are things Angela takes very seriously. So bringing all this to the attention of Made in Kent radio listeners over the past months has felt an important thing to do. Plus, our radio ads have been regularly going out across the airwaves on the station’s weekend family-orientated show. Don’t worry if you’ve not been able to tune in as we’ve pulled together her full back catalogue all in one place.

Water safety

The first role of swimming is as lifesaver. Here’s what to remember when near water

So important to have swimming in your life

For mind, body and spirit there are so many reasons to have swimming in your life. Family members share their experiences too.

For health and fitness

Swimming is seen more and more as a way to regain strength and be a therapeutic aid in recovery.

So good for children

Improving sociability, aiding learning, building physical strength and offering space to destress, swimming does so much for every child.